Attacking the industry with uplifting musical content, A#keem intends to affect a permanent and positive change with his music. Born June 14th 1989, Akeem David Abraham, also known as A#keem, is an Urban Reggae artist residing in the Spice Isle, formally named Grenada. Before making his way to the national radio waves with his debut mixtape, entitled "Feel Good Music" released April 14th 2015, A#keem spent his days experiencing life.

Soulful, nature enthusiast, music lover, can all be used to describe A#keem's outgoing and cheerful personality.After approximately 5+ years after discovering his talent as a singer/ song writer, A#keem, more locally known as "Smallz", began to work on a project that would be his very first mixtape. "'Feel Good Music’

          is a project that is geared to change your entire day from frown to smile, I just want to make the world smile and dance", he said. Consisting of 8 tracks, his mixtape featured Deva, a well-known Grenadian artist, along with producers Morgan Mathews and "Lion Riddims", and was mixed and mastered by Dwayne "Adigun" Celestine and Jessil Moore.

Prior to the shift to Urban Reggae Music, A#keem spent a great deal of his musical journey as a Pop and RnB artist. Then after years of searching and self-discovery, he finally found his comfort zone which was fusing Pop, R&B, and Reggae together. ‘Feel Good Music’ was well received by the local community. The response was both surprising and exciting as he was called in to do interviews on local broadcasts such as Chit Chat and local radio stations such as Boss FM Hott FM and City Vybz.

At the birth of 2016 A#keem continued to excel in his career, blazing the national radio airwaves, acquiring spots on some of the largest national events held in Grenada, sharing stages with names like, Ashanti, Ja Rule, Kes, Sizzla Kalonji, and more, also earning collaborations with artistes and producers from Jamaica, London, Antigua, Germany, Trinidad and more.  

2016 also saw his performance at the first and inaugural Pure Grenada Music Festival alongside his then band, Nature Claim, to much delight of his fans.

2017 brought great fortune for A#keem’s career and mission as he not only continued to excel in the local music market, but earned his first spot on an international stage, and simultaneously his acting debut as “Andy” in KHONA- The Musical by Dr. Carl Spencer, in Trinidad & Tobago.

“Working with Akeem “A#keem” Abraham has truly been quite an outstanding experience. A#keem is dedicated to the craft and his energy continues to be exceptional from day one to final show… He is easy to work with and willing to learn which is the most important part of being a great actor.” – Dr. Carl Spencer

It was also the year in which he made a second appearance at the 2nd Pure Grenada Music Festival on the night that headlined Cody Chesnutt and Tarrus Riley.

Persistently evolving and creating throughout the years A#keem continues to excel in his career, releasing a second mixtape, "REVOLUTION", many singles, blazing both the local and national radio waves, acquiring spots on national and international events, sharing stages with names like, Ashanti, JaRule, Kes, Beres Hammond, Sizzla Kalonji, and more, also earning collaborations with artistes and producers from Jamaica, London, Spain, Antigua, Germany, Trinidad and still has a lot more in store.

Passionately continuing on his mission to affect permanent and positive change with his soulful and energetic musical messages and more, A#keem is headed for eminent success.